Stuttgart, 21.11.11 | 13:02 Uhr

Calceolaria cultivars Calynopsis

Another novelty within the range of innovative Selecta breedings are the new Calceolaria types Calynopsis. Varieties in the Calynopsis line are orchid-like slipperwort with large flowers and long stems, well-suited as new plants for early spring.

Four varieties have been introduced. Calynopsis Red, the top variety for pots in size 11, convinces with a shining red colour and long-lasting flowers. Calynopsis Yellow with Red, the eye-catcher with a unique colour and with a larger growth compared to Calynopsis Red. Calynopsis Orange is especially vigorous and therefore best suited for pots of size 12 or bigger. And Calynopsis Yellow, the variety in the classic Calceolaria colour.

The varieties of the Calynopsis line have more flowers than other early spring plants with a precious appearance. Cultivation at low temperatures is necessary: temperatures in average above 14° C slow down the induction (after enrooting the plants are resistant to light frost).

Finished products for beds are ready for sales from March on. By using interfering light sales control is possible to manage sales for the Valentine’s or Easter week. Consumers can perfectly combine Calynopsis with Primroses, Viola and Campanula. Calynopsis offer furthermore a longer shelf life than Ranunculus, Myosotis, anemones or other bulbous plants.


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